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February 24, 2016

Who other than the characters are responsible for conveying the atmosphere and style of a given project? Our artists perfectly understand this, and therefore our characters have evolved slowly, but surely. Everybody loves cats because they are cute, graceful, and affectionate.

We drew a variety of different cats until we arrived at a feline that everyone liked. He became a part of our Mahjong game.

To draw the image of the girl that we wanted, we also had to experiment with different images. First, we thought about what the image should be and why. What should the clothes be like. What could we do to give it a unique look. As a result, the girl turned out exactly as we wanted.

She's the kind of person you wouldn't want to run into in a back alley. After all, she's a witch. Our Art Lead knew at once what she should be like in order to evoke the right response from our target audience. So, there are three main characters in the game.