Glera Games Birthday

We’ve grown up!

We missed each other. And recently we have finally met in four different countries to enjoy an important day: the birthday of Glera Games!🥳 We hugged each other, celebrated our achievements, and had a wonderful time together!

What’s a birthday without the results of the year? We summed up ours as well

– We were working on new projects: added new game mechanics, locations, new catchy characters. We tested new features and events, created expeditions to bring even more fun to our players.

– Our team has grown 1.5 times! We have more than 260 people now and keep growing.

– We have done a rebranding: refreshed our logo, website, and social media pages. With this brand-new look, we are going to scale new heights!

We also discussed our future achievements: new games, new offices, and team growth.

We keep making some game dev history and releasing hits we are proud of. And, of course, we always enjoy the process.