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About Us

GLERA GAMES is an international mobile game developer with a team of over 300+ employees from different countries. Our games are colorful and entertaining, with top-notch graphics, surprising gameplay, and intriguing stories.

They are loved by millions!

Remote Work

Today, Glera Games geography includes more than 10 countries: from Lithuania and Cyprus to Portugal and Finland.

New projects

We're currently working on two new projects. What are they about? Adventures, of course!

Modern offices

All our offices are unique with their distinctive design and lots of tasty goods to grab!

Turn your ideas to life with us! Check out available positions here

Our Games

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Set in early US 20's Riddle Road tells a story of Abigail Fletcher and her adventures full of mystery and riddles. A perfect mixture of solitaire and puzzle games along with numerous locations, distinct characters & various mini-game mechanics will make you fall in love with this game!

 Mahjong Treasure Quest
Mahjong Treasure Quest

The adventures of the young sorceress Sophie and her loyal friend, the talking cat Oliver! Together, they set off on an exciting journey to the levitating isles of the Magic World and Mahjong levels.

 To be announced
To be announced

Colorful locations, puzzles and unusual mechanics, the nostalgic atmosphere of the 80s, characters that certainly resemble your friends and neighbors.

 To be announced
To be announced

The much anticipated sequel to the adventures of Sophie in a new world full of adventure, mystery, riddles and puzzles. Colourful locations and new mechanics will keep fans coming back for more!


Want to create exciting games and you are passionate about what you do? Join us!


Glera Geography


We succeeded in building a team of professionals who love their job. We see them every day, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

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Today, our geography includes more than 10 countries: from Lithuania and Cyprus to Portugal and Finland.


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