Glera Games At DevGAMM'22

On July 28-29 the annual gaming industry conference DevGAMM was held in Vilnius, where Glera Games was not only a participant of the event, but also its sponsor. Two busy days flew by, and now we want to share our impressions with you! At Glera Games’ booth everyone could get acquainted with the company’s projects and learn more about the people who create them. Both days at the booth there were videos on TV-panels about employees and their hobbies, as well as highlights of corporate holidays. It was nice to see the smiles on people’s faces when they realised they shared common hobbies with our guys: whether it was cosplay or extreme sports. Visitors were also very attracted by the striking and memorable visual style of our projects, which could be seen all over the stand. We think there can never be too much great art, so we gave each guest the opportunity to leave their own drawing as a memento. Now our parrot has a lot of new friends!

Alyona Zhuravleva - HR Director: “It was important for us to take part in this conference, as the headquarter of Glera Games has been located in Vilnius for more than 6 years. For the same reason we decided to sponsor the event this year. Our stand attracted a large number of visitors to whom we were happy to tell about the history of the company, games, vacancies, corporate culture and values. Especially memorable were the heated discussions on trends and challenges in the modern game industry. It is always interesting to hear colleagues’ opinions and learn something new. The guests of the conference actively participated in the quest and enthusiastically left their drawings and greetings for us on the drawing board. This allowed us not only to attract an audience, but also to create a platform for additional networking. We will keep all the drawings of the guests in our office”.

DevGAMM was remembered not only for the variety of interesting booths and meetings with industry professionals, but also for the leading experts of the market with the hottest topics of today. Glera Games was represented by Stepan Bitus, Sound Design Manager. Stepan participated in a panel discussion on “Differences and similarities between Eastern and Western European game audio”.

Stepan Bitus - Sound Design Manager: “It was great to have a chat with colleagues from different countries, to discuss approaches to work, problems we have to face and ways to solve them. Conferences like this, and DevGAMM in particular, are good because they are live meetings in an environment conducive to communication! You can chat about working and informal topics with professionals, exchange experiences and also have a great time. This is incredibly exciting! It was nice to see that among the visitors to the panel discussion there were people not only from the sound industry, but also from other professions that interact with the sound design teams. More and more developers are paying proper attention to sound in products and are aware of its impact on the end consumer. After all, the visual is not the only immersive tool. For instance, if you hold a postcard in your hand, you will be attracted not only by its visual appearance but also by the pleasant feel of the material it is made of. So does the auditory accompaniment - it completes the picture of emotion that our games create”.

We thank the organisers and colleagues for a successful event! We believe that next year more enthusiasts and industry professionals will experience the hospitality of Vilnius. See you at DevGamm Vilnius 2023!