The 100th Anniversary MTQ

The 100th Anniversary MTQ Expedition has been released. Congrats to the team!

Launching our first expedition was a huge, challenging, yet interesting mission for our team. It was a challenge we dealt with. Expeditions brought new colors to the project, and players loved them!

⚡A hundred expeditions is a great achievement that couldn’t have happened without the efforts of each and every team member. We’re grateful to all the guys who worked on the project with their hearts and souls!

To celebrate the 100th expedition release we prepared small gifts for the project team to keep them on the right track through the dark times.

You can find a few photos of the gift-giving to the Minsk office team in a gallery.

Wishing good luck, lots of energy, and creativity to the Mahjong team for another 100 expeditions to come! Yay!