DevGAMM'23 Gdansk

The DevGAMM Profile Conference was held on 1-2 March in Gdańsk. This time, Vyacheslav Kukhtyuk, our Mobile Development Team Lead, was a speaker on behalf of the company and shared our experience on the topic “Animation queue based on dependency graph”. Vyacheslav explained how we solved the problem of layering different types of animations in our game Riddle Road, and how this method allows for the organic and natural interaction of different elements.

In addition to the talk itself, Vyacheslav met and interacted with industry peers, enthusiasts, and, most importantly, people who love games as much as we do ;)

“It was very interesting for me to participate in the conference not as an ordinary participant but as a speaker. I was able to experience everything behind the scenes – from the preparation of the presentation to the actual speaking with a microphone and laser pointer. Besides, it was very useful to touch the world of game-making outside of casual games – to communicate with representatives of both large and indie projects, to play yet unreleased games, and to discuss problems and solutions with colleagues. DevGAMM topics covered all areas of game-making, and everyone was able to find a presentation to their liking, no matter if they are a developer, animator, game designer, or artist. In general, such events boost morale and encourage us to attend profile conferences again. So, see you at the next DevGAMM in Vilnius ;)”.